Decorative Bamboo Poles

We have carried Moso and Tonkin poles for many years and for its golden color and beautiful finish... it is prized by craftsmen from Asia to the America's. Originating from Mainland China, this strong Bamboo grows very straight with small nodes. It ages from a greenish-tan to a silver gray color.
We carry several species of Bamboo poles...ranging from bamboo stakes at 3/8 of an inch to 1 inch diameter... to Moso or Mao Chu bamboo from China and Guaduas from Costa Rica...

Common uses: Used for outdoor patios, window dressings, restaurant and bar decor and plant stakes



Item No.

Per Per Pole

8 FT inch BBN82
$ 8.60
12 FT 1 1/4 inch BB12Q $ 4.95
12 FT 1 1/2  inch BB12H $ 6.95
12 FT inch BB122
$ 10.95
12 FT 2 1/2  inch BB12L $ 12.50
12 FT inch BB123 $ 22.00
12 FT inch BB124 $ 32.40

12 FT

inch BB125 $ 46.00

12 FT

inch BB126 $ 64.00
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